Take a Deep Breath and Rest


Life and its challenges go together. Likewise, life is a cycle of effort and rest. In order to continue playing an active role in your life, your family and in the world, there is a need to breathe deep, take a break and rest from time to time. Regular rest is just as essential to a successful life as disciplined effort. Sometimes everything around you might be saying go, move, do this, do that, and you forget to take a break until there is a breakdown. You do not have to wait until you breakdown before taking a break to rest. The truth of the matter is, as long as you live, there will always be something to do. Remind yourself that, taking a break to rest is a part of your to do list.
The cycle of effort and rest is an important part of life. Look at all the trees and plants, they become dormant in the fall and then burst forth with new growth in the spring. It might seem like a waste of time when taking a break to rest, but you will maintain a better focus when you regularly devote time to rest. When you take time to relax your body, rest your mind, and ease your spirit, your efforts become more effective. Let the period of quality rest and relaxation enhance your effectiveness when you get back to work.
When it feels like you cannot take a break that is the best time to give yourself a positive, encouraging break. Take some time and forget the pressures, the challenges, and the problems as these can wait while you regain strength and focus. Renew your spirit and re-focus your mind upon the things which are truly important to you.
Be encouraged, give yourself a break to breathe deep, rest, and you will avoid a breakdown and have more strength for your efforts.

Contribution from Lance Gunning
The CREW Royalty Chronicles