Events of Hope Christian International Ministries, Inc.

2015 Short term mission trip to Liberia

Dates: February 21 thru March 2

THEME:  LIGHT IN DARKNESS (Jesus is the light of the world)

I come as light into the world that whoever believes in me may not remain in darkness.
John 12:46

Program of Events

  1. Medical Outreach
  2. Evangelism
  3. Pastoral or leadership workshop
  4. Youth discipleship
  5. Vacation Bible school and movie night


A project of Victory World Church and Hope Christian International Ministries, Inc.

Our Mission:

To bring hope to the hopeless and reach the unreached with the love of God

Daily Schedule:

Saturday, February 21- Leave Atlanta
Sunday, February 22- Arrive in Liberia
Monday, February 23- Leave Monrovia to Mary’s Village, Timbo, Rivercess County


Medical Outreach

Day One: Tuesday, February 24

Day Two: Wednesday, February 25

Day three: Thursday, February 26

Pastoral or leadership workshop: Two sections daily follow by an evening worship service for three days

Youth Discipleship: Two sections daily for three days

Vacation Bible schoo: Three days

Evangelism: We will seize the opportunity to share Christ during the various activities especially at the end of each pastoral section during the worship service. We will extend invitation to everyone to receive Christ.
Friday, February 27 return to Monrovia


Saturday, February 28 leisure time, souvenir shopping

Sunday, March 1 departure
Monday, March 2 arrival at the Hartsfield Jackson International Airport