News of Hope Christian International Ministries, Inc.

Dedicatory Ceremony

Hope Christian International Ministries, Inc. on Saturday, July 21, 2013, had a fundraising dinner at the Blanchards Events Hall in Tucker, Georgia. The event was well attended and brought friends and relatives from both far and near. The occasion was blessed with two speakers: Dr. Eddie Needham, Guest Speaker and Mr. Charles Phillips, Keynote Speaker. The Ministry at the occasion, honored two of its board members for their humanitarian services with a plaque. Mr. Walter D. Needham and Mr. Craig M. Lieberg. The award wards were presented to the honorees by Mrs. Massa Gueh, Executive Director and Founder of Children Trinity Center of Liberia.


The birth of Hope Christian Academy

Hope Christian Academy started in July 2010 in a church to end the suffering of the little ones in Mary’s Village and parts adjacent who are unable to walk the one hour distance to the only elementary school available to the general public.
Hope Christian Academy has twelve staff members:
The principal, Vice Principal, six instructional staff, two custodial staff, a carpenter and a security guard. The principal, Mr. Daniel Topayon, holds a BA Degree in Sociology from the University of Liberia.
The Ministry opened an after school tutorial class to tutor students who need extra help in their lessons.

School Commencement

Hope Christian Academy had its fourth commencement exercises on Sunday, June 22, 2014. During our closing program, the following promotions were made:
Kindergarten: 37 students graduated; Grade 1: 7 students 5 promoted; Grade 2: 12 students 11 promoted; Grade 3: 7 students 6 promoted; Grade 4: 8 students all promoted; Grade 5: 5 students all promoted; Grade 6: 3 students 2 promoted.
The keynote speaker, among others was Ms. Rosanna G. Schack, Founder of “Touching Humanity” from Samaritan purse who encouraged the students that the sky is the limit of what they can achieve. Ms. Schack added that success comes to those who are neither afraid to fail nor discouraged by failures.