Projects of Hope Christian International Ministries, Inc.

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1- Road Construction

In 2006, when the first mission trip was launched, there was no road access to Mary’s Village. We walked the 35-minute distance on foot with our luggages on our heads. It was extremely difficult and dangerous to cross over water on what the local people call a “ monkey-bridge.”
In 2008, a 4-bed room missionary lodge was built to accommodate missionaries from overseas on a short-term mission trip.
In 2009, the Lord put a burden on the heart of one of the missionaries who went on the 2009 short-term mission trip. Following his return, he and some of his friends raised $15,000.00 to finance our 2.5 miles road project leading to the mission. Today, through the mercy of God we can drive from the city of Monrovia to the mission thus ending the struggle of walking as were as making life easier for the people of Timbo District and others.
In 2010 two projects were simultaneously carried out: A church construction and wells construction. Following the road construction, the Lord continued to use the same missionary. He set his heart on fire with a burden that he couldn’t resist that the residents of Mary’s Village needed a church first before the construction of a school which was still in the planning stage. The funds were raised and with no delay the church which is considered to be the first of its kind in the village was built. To God be the glory!
Through the generosity of Victory World Church and a friend of the ministry three wells were drilled to provide a clean and safe drinking water to the residents of Mary’s Village. The wells were drilled by water of Life thus ending the struggle and suffering of hauling water from a long distance on foot.
In 2011, Victory World Church donated $125,000.00 to the ministry for a school project. This was a “dream come true” as the vision of Hope Christian International Ministries, Inc. to build a school in Liberia was about to happen.
In 2012, the ministry signed a contract with the Attractive Builders, Inc. of Monrovia and the construction of a 12-class room consisting of three wings elementary school project was launched in Mary’s Village. To date, we have completed the A-Wing and a class room on the B-Wing. We are now using the completed wing of the school with the enrollment of 125 students. To God be the glory!


2- Feeding Program

Hope Christian International Ministries, Inc. by the grace of God, wishes to launch a feeding program in 2015 to feed the students at Hope Christian Academy.  Ninety percent of the students who come to the school don’t eat in the morning before coming neither do they have enough to eat when they return to their villages. We are carefully and prayerfully praying about the feeding program because we do not want to launch it and discontinue due to lack of resources. Please pray for us as we seek the Lord’s will on this all important issue. Pray that He will bring the right people to partner with us as we take the step of faith to launch the program.


3- Farming Program

The Ministry has 20 acres of donated land. We want to engage in farming by the grace of God in 2015.

Objectives of the program:

a. To produce crops that will enhance the feeding program

b. To create employment for the local people to empower them to support themselves and their families.


4- Animal Husbandry

We would use this building to raise livestock and poultry and grow crops.

The program is divided into two parts:

a. Crops

b. Livestock

Crops: Grains, vegetables and fruits

Livestock: sheep, goats, pigs, ducks and chicken