About Hope Christian International Ministries, Inc.

John J. Yeedia

John J. Yeedia is the founder and president of Hope Christian International Ministries, Inc. He was born and raised in Mary's Village, Timbo, River Cess County-Liberia. He is currently residing in the United States of America. John is married to Elizabeth. He is a father of three daughters, Grace Yeedia, Snorti Yeeda, and Marvoyee Yeedia. He is a graduate of Rider University, Lawrenceville, New Jersey and holds a Bachelor of Science (BSc.) degree in Accounting. John also graduated from Victory World Ministry Training Center with a Diploma in Ministerial Training. Following the end of the brutal 14-year civil war in 2003 that claimed the lives of over 250,000 people mostly women and children, the Lord put a burden on John's heart to directly address the deplorable conditions of the children of Liberia, especially in the rural areas. The burden to reach the under privileged people resulted into the formation of a ministry in 2004 called Hope Christian International. Hope Christian International Ministries, Inc. is a 501-c(3) nonprofit organization registered under the laws of the State of Georgia and recognized by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Our Mission:

To bring hope to the hopeless and reach the unreached with the love of God.

Our vision:

To build a Christian Elementary School from kindergarten to the 6th grade to be extended to the 12th grade in the near future and a medical clinic.

The Board of Directors:

1. John J. Yeedia, Founder & President

2. Ben Eka, Vice President

3. Clyde Williams, Treasurer & Secretary

4. Walter D. Needham, Member

5. Craig M. Lieberg, Member

In 2005, the Ministry acquired 20 acres of land donated by the Elders of Timbo District for development purposes.

Mission trips:

In 2006, Hope Christian International Ministries, Inc. launched its first mission trip to Mary’s Village, Timbo District, Liberia through the generosity of Victory World Church. A medical clinic was set up and 370 patients were seen and treated. 250 Bibles were distributed as gift to local pastors and others that attended the event.
In 2009, the Ministry launched its second mission trip through Victory World Church. Our short-term mission team consisted of eleven missionaries. Our medical team was headed by Dr. Donovan Christie. He and his team treated 571 patients. The remaining drugs were donated to a local clinic as a gift.
In 2010, Hope Christian International Ministry launched its third mission trip with thirteen missionaries. During our three days medical outreaches, the medical team saw and treated 670 patients. At the end of the outreaches, the ministry blessed the local clinic with the remaining drugs as a gift.
In 2013, the fourth mission trip was launched with thirteen missionaries including three medical doctors. The medical team headed by Dr. Edward Needham treated 691 patients. The remaining drugs were again donated to the local clinic.